Tips for Field Producing

NBCU Academy 101

NBC News Field Producer Kailani Koenig teaches how to field produce. A field producer combines logistics, organization, and creativity to make sure they have everything they need before getting into the edit bay. Before you go, plan your shoot. When you’re out in the field, shoot creatively and freely, but log all your footage! And when you’re in the edit bay, organize around your best sound.

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“Capture as much footage as possible and try to get any interviews that you may not have planned for,” Koenig said. “These extra components can make your story that much stronger.”

Here are our timecodes for this video:
0:00 Introduction
0:35 Preparing for the field shoot
2:14 In the field: capturing and chronicling
3:45 After the shoot: editing and writing
4:49 Final thoughts