Writing Your Resume Like a Journalist

NBCU Academy 101

NBC News Recruiter Tara Morgan presents her best tips for resumes and how to get noticed by recruiters. Be sure to use these tips before you apply for jobs and internships at NBC News!

What do you include?

  • Current students or recent graduates should start with education. Where do you go to school? When did you graduate? Tell us what you majored in and if you minored in any particular subject. Feel free to include your GPA, especially if you are applying for internships.
  • Your current and past experiences. Your experience should tell your story. List your past jobs, including experiences that are relevant to the position, in chronological order from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom. Use powerful action verbs when describing what you did at these jobs. If you can, use data points to quantify what you did. Projects or experiences from school are acceptable in lieu of job experience, if they are relevant to the position. Consider including your volunteer work or community service if you developed relevant skill.
  • Hyperlink any work you want to highlight. You can also link to a portfolio or LinkedIn page at the top of your resume in the contact section.   
  • Focus on technical skills over soft skills. Do you have experience in iNews, NBC News’ rundown management software? Do you have any video editing skills in Adobe Premiere or Avid? Do you have any programming experience? Do you speak any other languages? Let us know!

Formatting tips

  • Keep your resume concise. You have approximately six seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention, so keep your resume at just one page for easy viewing. 
  • Don’t use too many colors or fonts. Use no more than two colors and two fonts. Don’t let your formatting distract from the content. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate a resume if the headers don’t stand out, so use larger text or a different font to make it clear.
  • Check, double-check and triple-check for errors. Errors suggest you might lack attention to detail and can distract us from your information and experience. Do your margins line up? Is your grammar correct? Run a spellcheck on your resume. And ask friends and family to review your resume before submitting it.
  • Save your resume as a PDF. That way, the formatting does not change from computer to computer. Make the file name “(First name).(Last name).Resume.pdf,” so your resume is easier to find for recruiters. 

What do you NOT include?

  • The three H’s: High school information, headshots and your home address.
  • References or saying references are available upon request. An employer will ask for them if needed.
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