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Virtual Summit

April 11, 2024, 10am-2pm ET

From the classroom to the boardroom, leadership is a critical skill for success throughout your career. Embark on a transformative journey with NBCU Academy’s Next Level Summit: Unlocking Your Leadership Potential. Gain invaluable insights from top executives, content creators and talent at NBCUniversal, Comcast, and beyond. Harness your skill as an influential leader, refine your communication style and unleash the boss within you. Join us in unlocking the secrets to success—empowering you in your school, your workplace and in your community.

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

10:00-10:50AM ET

CNBC Correspondent Contessa Brewer welcomes a live student audience to CNBC’s global headquarters and NBCUniversal News Group Chairman Cesar Conde offers a special message for the audience.

Learning how to lead can empower you to achieve your goals, no matter where you are on your career path. You don’t need to hold a high-ranking position to have impact and influence in your company and community. Join our panel of dynamic leaders as they explore how adopting a leadership mindset can elevate your work. Gain insights on effective leadership strategies, including building relationships, overcoming obstacles, and inspiring those around you – all from your current position.

Leading in an A.I. World

11:00-11:50AM ET

Artificial Intelligence, once confined to science fiction, now permeates every aspect of our world, revolutionizing the operations of media companies. As technology evolves daily, how can leaders navigate this new and challenging landscape? Learn from top experts who are pivoting and making strategic decisions in real time as A.I. rapidly changes content consumption and creation.

The Power of Mentorship & Sponsorship

11:00-11:50AM ET

Ask any leader about their secret to success, and most will attribute it to a great mentor or sponsor who guided them towards their goals. In this panel, dynamic leaders will unveil the keys to effective mentorship, fostering opportunities for real growth. Discover how to identify the right mentor or sponsor, become an invaluable guide for others, and learn how great leaders excel in both roles.

Developing Your Leadership & Communications Style

11:00-11:50AM ET

Strong leaders possess both effective communication and leadership styles. Join us for an enlightening discussion aimed at enhancing your ability to convey ideas and inspire others to action. Gain invaluable insights from top-notch communicators, including personal finance icon Suze Orman, alongside other influential figures from the business and media world.

Meet the Leadership Team Behind NBCUniversal's 2024 Paris Olympics Coverage

12:00-12:45PM ET

With the Paris Olympic Games fast approaching, NBCU Academy takes you behind the scenes with the leadership team that makes NBCU’s massive coverage gold medal worthy. Learn how they’ll combine state-of-the-art technology and creative storytelling across multiple continents to cover the Games and introduce you to the greatest athletes in the world.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders with The Edit

12:45-1:00PM ET

In this important discussion we will introduce “The Edit” a collaboration between NBCU Academy and Adobe aimed at fostering digital and media literacy across all middle and high schools in the United States. This new collaboration is poised to equip the next generation of creative leaders with essential skills to excel in a digital world. Be part of this conversation as we unveil how “The Edit” initiative will shape the leaders of tomorrow, driving innovation and inclusivity in education.

CAREER EXPO: Acing Your Leadership Interview

1:00-1:45PM ET

As a future leader in the media industry, how can you excel in that job interview that will take you to the next level? Gain invaluable insights from our panel on impressing hiring managers, followed by the chance to put theory into practice through mock interviews guided by our experts. Come learn how to make a lasting impression.

CAREER EXPO: Leading From the Classroom to the Newsroom

1:00-1:45PM ET

The leadership skills learned as a student can carry you from the classroom to your first job. Determine your goals, identify your strengths, and discover your potential to be a leader from wherever you are. Hear from our panel and begin that journey now.

The Edit: Unleashing Your Digital Storytelling Leadership Skills with Adobe

1:00-1:45PM ET

During this engaging and interactive session you’ll delve into the world of digital storytelling leadership using Adobe Express. Discover the various production roles involved in crafting compelling news reports on well-being topics. Gain valuable insights and insider tricks from Adobe experts on how to bring your stories to life with Adobe Express. Develop your digital storytelling skills and emerge as a leader in creating impactful narratives that resonate with audiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your storytelling prowess and make a meaningful impact in the world of digital media.

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