NBCU Academy Young Leaders in Journalism Program

Experience the day-to-day life of a cross-platform news organization and hear from experts across many fields of journalism.

NBCU Academy Young Leaders in Journalism

The NBCU Academy Young Leaders in Journalism Program is an immersive, two-week experience that NBCUniversal News Group hosts in partnership with Young Leaders in Journalism. The program exposes New York City public high school students interested in journalism to the inner workings of NBCUniversal News Group and its professionals. Students learn the fundamentals of journalism, develop their writing and presentation skills, meet journalists who cover foreign and domestic news and receive tips on entering the news and media technology industry.

The program runs at NBCUniversal News Group’s headquarters (30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan). All expenses associated with attendance (including transportation and food) are covered.

Note: The program is intended for students from financially underresourced backgrounds with combined household income not exceeding $75,000. If the combined income of your custodial parent(s)/guardian(s) exceeds $75,000 and you still wish to apply, you may attach a statement explaining why you believe your family qualifies as financially underresourced.

Applications are currently closed.