Experience the day-to-day life of a cross-platform news organization and hear from experts across many fields of journalism.

NBCU Academy Young Leaders in Journalism

Overview: NBCU Academy Young Leaders in Journalism is a program that exposes New York City public high school students interested in news to the inner workings of the profession and to distinguished journalists. The program aims to identify students with a passion for journalism, nurture their interest through education and training, motivate them to vigorously pursue their dreams, and encourage them to positively contribute their knowledge to their community.

Details: The program will run from July 24, 2023 to August 4, 2023 with a combination of (i) in-person sessions at NBC News headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan and (ii) virtual sessions. By working with accomplished journalists, students learn basic journalistic principles, develop their writing and presentation skills and are exposed to foreign and domestic news. The program provides an opportunity to experience the daytoday life of a crossplatform news organization and hear from experts across many fields of journalism. A final project allows students to practice the pitching, reporting and editing of a story. Throughout and after the program, students receive professional and academic mentoring.

Requirements: To qualify for the program, you must:

• Be a current high school student (rising junior or senior);
• Attend a public school in New York City;
• Have an interest in journalism; and
• Have a combined household income that does not exceed $75,000.

Note: This program is for students from underresourced financial backgrounds. If the combined income of your custodial parent(s)/guardian(s) exceeds $75,000 and you still wish to apply, you may attach a statement explaining why you believe your family qualifies as financially underresourced.

How to Apply: Fill out the application below and email it to Vicky Levina (Director of Recruiting) at [email protected] by Monday, May 15, 2023.

We may ask to meet you for a more formal interview after reviewing your application. If you have any questions on the application, please e-mail us at any time. We hope to hear from you in May.

Click here to download the application.