Behind the Scenes: NBC News & MSNBC Studios on Election Night

Want to be a fly on the wall at NBC News on Election Day? Our drone footage of 30 Rock is the next best thing! Get a behind-the-scenes look at NBC News and MSNBC studios and control rooms ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

NBCU Academy would like to thank the following staff that produced this behind-the-scenes look:

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Director: Adam Mancini
Pilot: Ed Kostakis
Drone Team: Adam Troeger, Juan Carpio, Pablo Barrera
Sound Design: Gordon Lee Miller Miller
Creative Director: Ventura Castro
Stagehand: Don Williams
Utility: Amar Santhosh
Animator: Steffen Kuronen
Technical Manager: Massimo Crescenzo, Joe Caffrey
Senior Vice President, Creative Production: Marc E. Greenstein

Special Thanks:
Mary Beth Scalici, Jim Benjamin, Adam Benalt, Steven Thornton, Steven Lima, Lauren Miller, Mike Russell, Scotty Anderson, Gina DiBartolo