Our Top 5 Lessons of 2022

5. Editing like a pro

“You’re the one that makes that picture out of those puzzle pieces.” CNBC and NBCU Academy editor Evan Tyler explains how video editors turn broadcast news elements into visual storytelling.   

4. Newsroom Lingo

“Cue a NAT SOT and MOS for the top and tail…” “Grab the VO and B-roll for the sig out and tease…”  

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Sometimes broadcast TV terms can sound like a whole different language! NBC News NOW producer-editor Arleen Aguasvivas helps out NBCU Academy, by going over some common vocabulary used in the newsroom. 

3. Become a great storyteller

You may know how to write a broadcast news script, but how do you become an even better storyteller? NBC News NOW anchor Joe Fryer shares methods to improve narratives and hold viewers’ attention, by breaking down the elements of one of his own news stories.  

2. Steve Kornacki’s Big Board Secrets 

Millions tune in on Election Night to see MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki analyze polling and voting data on his “Big Board.” Now go one step further and learn how Kornacki and his team combine broadcast technology with seasoned political reporting.  

1. Mastering street interviews  

“Person on the street” interviews, “MOS,” “vox pops” — whatever you call quick interviews with passersby, you want to make sure they represent a good mix of people and viewpoints. NBC News correspondent Vaughn Hillyard shares his best tips for getting people to open up to journalists.