Makeup Tips for On-Air Reporters

Want even more in-depth makeup tips and lighting how-to’s from Waltaya Culmer? Check out our longer tutorial HERE

Makeup artist Waltaya Culmer worked with cosmetics entrepreneur Bobbi Brown before coming to NBC. She works with anchors Kate Snow and Aaron Gilchrist, as well as other MSNBC anchors like Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes and Ali Velshi. Watch Culmer’s video above and read more of her makeup tips below.

Keep It Simple

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Waltaya Culmer: I see a lot with young reporters doing their makeup as if they were going out. They should take out some of the sparkles and wild colors from their makeup bags. Wear more earth-tone colors and not so chunky glitter. 

It doesn’t matter if it costs 50 bucks or 20 bucks, if you have a foundation that matches your skin perfectly, and a nice concealer that brightens you up, whether it’s a high-end or drugstore product, if it matches you perfectly, you’re always going to look polished and put together. 

Take a Step Back  

Culmer: Once I finish the base makeup and some eyeshadow, I take a step back. I look at my client, take a second and see if I need to add more or should I pull back. Sometimes you can’t see it if you’re all up in your makeup or in your mirror. So step back, take a second and look at your face. 

Don’t Forget the Eyebrows

Culmer: Male-presenting reporters can use a little bit of brow gel, for a more polished look. Use a clear brow gel and tame them a little bit. If they’re out in the field, they will probably just use a little bit of powder and lip balm and be good to go.