Make the Resolution to Sharpen Your Skills in 2023

Tips for Bilingual Journalism

Interested in bilingual reporting and newsgathering? NBC Latino managing editor Sandra Lilley offers hands-on advice when practicing journalism in two languages.    

How to Report on Underserved Communities 

Reporting on underrepresented and underserved communities can involve sensitive topics that require channeling your “soft” skills, like empathy and compassion. NBC News and NBC News NOW reporter Zinhle Essamuah discusses her experience reporting on delicate subjects and what she does to connect with interviewees from disenfranchised communities not usually covered by mainstream media.

The Art of the Pitch

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Learn from newsroom leaders and on-air talent about the fundamentals of pitching, what show executives are looking for and how to separate a good pitch from an amazing one.

Sourcing Secrets from NBC News’ Pete Williams  

Few other reporters have gained the reputation for accuracy, fairness and thoroughness than former NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams. Known for his attorney-like knowledge of the law and the courts, Pete sits down with NBCU Academy to talk about his experience with reporting from sources throughout his esteemed career.  

Check the Source: Social Media as a Newsgathering Tool

In a fast-paced news environment, how can journalists effectively use social platforms to gather news and report on stories? Watch our Next Level Summit panel with NBC News correspondents, embeds and experts about best practices for incorporating social media and how they work to combat misinformation online.