Reporting on Hurricanes and Other Severe Weather Events

NBCU Academy 101

Coordinating producer Erika Angulo, a veteran producer for NBC News, has covered hurricanes, volcano eruptions, tornadoes, cave disasters and earthquakes. She shared what to do when reporting on hurricanes and other severe weather.

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Hurricane season in the Atlantic runs from June 1 through November 30. News crews reporting on hurricanes must prepare to battle harsh weather conditions while developing sources ahead of the storm. In many cases, hurricanes result in loss of power and other essential services like banking, lodging, access to gas and even food.

“When you look online, you’ll see that many hurricane lists include food, water and first aid supplies,” Angulo said. “You will need all of that, but as a journalist you’re going to need much more.”

Angulo said anticipating your needs and that of your crew in a disaster situation makes the difference in your ability to cover the story with compassion and nuance.