Finding Brotherhood in Coding Class

Jokim Bryant received acceptance letters from 38 universities and multiple scholarships in 2022, before choosing Howard University, a historically Black institution.

“I wanted to able to make a change in my community,” he said, “and I knew that that’s only possible if I can really just sit and mingle amongst my people.”

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Bryant credits much of his success to the training, confidence and brotherhood he gained at the Hidden Genius Project. Founded in 2012, the project connects Black young men and boys with the skills they need to become tech leaders and entrepreneurs, offering intensive programs in programming, coding and startup development. Like many program graduates, Bryant went from being a mentee to a mentor, leading classes and making a tight-knit group of friends who are now scattered across the country.

“My brothers are always there for me every single day,” he said. “If I called one of them right now, they would pick up the phone and be like, ‘What’s good Joe?’” 

Follow Jokim’s journey from Compton to the “geniuses” to Howard in the video above. Learn more about the Hidden Genius Project here.