Behind the Story: Four Decades of AIDS in the U.S.

NBC News NOW anchor and TODAY Show correspondent Joe Fryer and TODAY Show producer Robert Powell take us Behind the Story – to show us how they reported on the 40th anniversary of the first diagnosed case of AIDS in the U.S. for the TODAY Show.

Fryer recently sat down with four gay men from four different generations all living with HIV and spoke to them about their experiences. In our latest video, Fryer and Powell explain how they incorporated various interviews, historical context and current developments from the past four decades into a 4.5-minute television package.

I called NIH and said, ‘This is wishful thinking, but could we get Dr. Anthony Fauci?’ He was on the frontlines of HIV research and treatment development back in the early ‘80s until now, so I knew he'd be an incredible voice. Thankfully, the NIH said, ‘Yes, we'll give him to you for 15 minutes at this day, this time.
Robert Powell