Back-to-school basics

With school back in session, NBCU Academy is here to help you master some of the basics of journalism.

“Meet the Press” anchor and NBC News political director Chuck Todd explains reporting and attribution. Reporting is the process journalists use to collect information, while attribution deals with how that information is presented and cited. Todd also explains terms such as “on the record,” “off the record” and “on background,” and shares how reporters should set ground rules before any interview. 

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Filming TV news usually means going on location. NBC “Dateline” field producer Terrell Tangonan shares tips on how to get the best sound and lighting possible in the field. NBC News photojournalist David Necochea explains basic principles of photography and videography and shows you how to apply these concepts to shoot the best video on your cellphone.

Students interested in focusing their reporting on a specific subject can check out NBCU Academy’s introduction to beat reporting with Joy Wang, NBC News’ senior editorial rirector for Planning and Diversity Journalism. Learn the definition of a beat, what types of beats there are and how to start reporting on one.  

Next, learn about one of journalism’s most powerful legal tools, a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act, which allows reporters to obtain government records. Gail Gove, NBCU News Group’s general counsel, explains how to get the most out of a FOIA request. 

NBC News recruiter Tara Morgan offers best tips for resume writing and how to get noticed by recruiters. Be sure to use these tips before applying for jobs and internships.

So come take some “classes” at NBCU Academy!