How to use LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Career Expert Andrew McCaskill gives tips on how to set up your LinkedIn profile to get noticed and hired. These tips include:  

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1. Post a profile picture.  

McCaskill says a LinkedIn profile that has a picture on it gets viewed 21 times more than a LinkedIn profile without a picture. Your LinkedIn profile photo should show you wearing the same kind of clothes that you would wear to a job interview.  

2. Have keywords in your profile that mirror the work that you want to do.  

Keywords allow recruiters to use LinkedIn algorithms to find the right people for their open positions. Take time to figure out those keywords, such as people, manager, team, leader, writer.  

3. Tell your professional story through your profile.  

LinkedIn has platform tools to allow you to showcase your best work from your professional career, internships, or even volunteer work. These links can make your profile more dynamic and allow employers and recruiters to see your work in action.  

4. Set up customized job alerts.  

LinkedIn allows you to create a profile of the types of jobs you are looking for, even in the geographies where you are looking. Every time someone posts a job that matches your criteria, you can get a job alert sent to your LinkedIn profile, or even directly to your email. You just need to be really responsive to the jobs you want. If you respond quickly, you are much more likely to get a reaction and response back from that recruiter.   

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