Your Top Five NBCU Academy Videos of 2023

We’ve been busy this past year at NBCU Academy, producing over four dozen video lessons on basic and advanced journalism skills, launching two free journalism courses and hosting two virtual Next Level Summits featuring top media leaders from NBCUniversal and beyond. We conducted a poll of NBCU Academy viewers, and here are your favorites of the year’s most-watched NBCU Academy videos!  

1. Words That Hurt Underrepresented Communities

‘Gung ho,’ ‘ghetto’ and ‘illegal’ are among many common words and phrases that are derogatory or dismissive of people of color.  

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“It’s naive to think that it doesn’t matter,” said NBC Latino managing editor Sandra Lilley. “It’s naive to think that a word is not used sometimes to try to dehumanize someone or make them look less than.” 

2. Career Spotlight: Local News Reporter

Ride along with WNBC general assignment reporter Melissa Colorado and photojournalist Luiz Braga in New York City as they cover breaking news.  

“It’s not a glamorous job. We don’t do it for the money. But we do it because we’re addicted to news, to the lifestyle, to never being in the same place every day,” Colorado said. “You never know who you’re going to talk to, you never know who you’re going to meet.”    

3. (tie) Inside the NBC Page Program

The NBCUniversal Page Program has launched media careers for 90 years! Four current participants share what it takes to be a page.  

“Pages have the chance to sample what it might be like to work in news and then do a rotation in ad sales or work in a film rotation and then move over to a role in TV,” said Priany Hadiatmodjo, director of the NBCUniversal Page Program. “We want to find people who are open-minded, curious and are passionate about starting their career in the industry.”    

3. (tie) Makeup Tips for On-Air Reporters

Learn the basics of makeup and lighting for TV reporters from NBC makeup artist Waltaya Culmer. Also watch our longer makeup and skincare tutorial

“It doesn’t matter if it costs $50 or $20. If you have a foundation that matches your skin perfectly, and a nice concealer that brightens you up, you’re always going to look polished and put together,” Culmer said.    

3. (tie) What Needs to Be in a Reporter Reel?

What do news reporters need to include in their resume reel to grab the attention of hiring managers? Check out our top tips.  

“If you want to be a reporter, lead with your reporting. What you have at the front of your reel usually tells a news director what you want to do,” said Anzio Williams, senior vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion for NBCUniversal-owned television stations and a former news director. “No news director wants to hire someone for a position if that person really wants to do something else.”    

Here are some more of your favorite NBCU Academy lessons from 2023!

Favorite Pro Tip Article 

1. What Journalists Can Do for Mental Wellness Every Day

2. Make a Powerful First Impression: Tips for Your Elevator Pitch

3. Five Must-Do’s Before Attending a Journalism Convention

Favorite Course 

1. Bilingual Journalism: Covering Latino Communities  

2. Fundamentals of Journalism

Favorite Next Level Summit 

1. We Are All Storytellers 

2. Know Your Audience