Shooting Video in Extreme Cold

As extreme weather affects much of the country — from blizzard conditions in the west to severe wind and ice in the Midwest to snowfall in the east — “Dateline” field producer Julie Kim and associate producer Monay Robinson provide tips on shooting footage in extremely cold temperatures. 

Temperature control: When the temperature changes from warm to cold or vice versa, cameras have to heat up so the battery can kick-start again and lenses don’t fog up. Many cameras have a recommended minimal operational temperature of 32 degrees, or zero degrees Celsius. In freezing conditions, many cameras will not operate at full capacity. Be sure to place a cloth protector over the camera and have an additional person on hand to help with temperature control.

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Shooting with drones: The greatest challenges when shooting with a drone in an extreme climate include a weak signal and poor visibility because of snow. It’s important to have a person assigned as a visual observer to monitor the drone’s reactions and see if the device is too far out, causing a weakening signal. 

Be aware of the environment: Avoid environmental hazards, like getting stuck in the snow in places with weak cellphone signals. Make sure to have a backup plan.