Leadership Lessons: How the NBC Olympics Team Goes for the Gold

No matter how you’re going to watch Paris 2024 Olympics coverage this summer — NBC News, NBC Sports, “TODAY,” “NBC Nightly News,” Telemundo, Peacock, NBC News NOW or NBCNews.com — there is one team responsible for all the creative, editorial and logistical decisions behind these broadcasts.  

The ultimate decision-making for the NBC Olympics team comes from Molly Solomon, NBC Olympics production executive producer and president. She provides the guidance and vision that fuels the efforts to send anchors, producers, sets and equipment to Paris and to incorporate Olympics coverage into NBCUniversal’s full range of programming.

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“It’s the biggest sporting event in the world,” said Solomon. “Everything is at stake in the Olympics, and I think everybody recognizes it.” 

What does it take to lead the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics coverage that will be hosted by Kelly Clarkson, Peyton Manning and Mike Tirico? Watch the video above and read on!

What do you love about covering the Olympics for NBC?

Mike Tirico, NBC Olympics prime-time host: You get one shot to win your Olympic gold medal. It’s one of the very few things on planet Earth that when you’re done, you can say, “That woman, that man is the best in the world at doing this.”  

Molly Solomon, NBC Olympics executive producer and president: It’s the biggest sporting event in the world. Everything is at stake in the Olympics, and I think everybody recognizes it. It’s production, it’s operations, it’s technology, it’s engineering. 

Jack Felling, NBC Olympics original content VP: Things that just should be impossible tend to happen at the Olympics. You think you know what world-class looks like, and then you see it in person, and it takes your breath away.  

Darryl Jefferson, NBC Olympics engineering & technology SVP: You get to see things that are remarkable, that bring the world together. We roll into a city of choice and stand up all the infrastructure we need, everything from power, audio, our camera positions.

Rob Hyland, NBC Olympics coordinating producer: It brings together sports stories, human connections. From the excitement of a close finish in a race, to telling the incredible stories of the athletes, I hope our audience gets all the feels.

NBC Olympics Team Leaders

How do you meet the challenges of producing Olympics coverage?

Solomon: I try to make sure that we’ve got a plan, but it’s ultimately the execution by all the people on the team that determines our success.  

Jefferson: We’re all in our own ways problem-solvers. What’s possible? How can we get a new angle on that? How can we describe or give context to viewers a little better with technology?

Tirico: Every part of our Olympic group has incredible leadership that all works in a synergistic fashion. That’s a big deal. There are so many turns in the road, and I am so blessed and fortunate and thankful that we have a leader like Molly to always guide us down the right road.

What are your top leadership tips?

Amy Rosenfeld, NBC Olympics production SVP: Find that razor-thin margin of believing in yourself, but also having that humility. Make sure your team knows that you don’t know everything. 

Solomon: Never make a decision by yourself. When the going gets tough, I talk to other people. 

Tirico: A great leader takes incredible interest in their team’s growth. Bring a team together, listen, communicate clearly and be fearless about going forward and accomplishing a task. 

Hyland: Get a group of people all committed to the same goal. And regardless of the hours and the time commitment, [a leader’s] willing to come back and do it again. 

Felling: Make sure everyone on the team knows what is expected of them, what goal we’re trying to reach together.

Jefferson: The leadership mantra is to trust in one another and conquer it together.

The Road to the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Molly Solomon, NBC Olympics executive producer and president, shares her thoughts as she evaluates the diving venue for the upcoming 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.