Behind the Story: Exploring the Model Minority Myth

CNBC Make It Producer Allison Lau shows us how to make compelling “explorer” videos, which are explainers that tackle complex topics that are often not easy to visualize. 

Recently, Lau worked on an explorer video about the “model minority myth,” which is a set of assumptions about characteristics and behavior placed on the Asian American community. This concept is difficult to show through visuals, so Allison found experts and interviewees who could illustrate this topic through lived experiences.

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Allison’s tips on creating an explorer video include:

  • Start with a script and outline of the different topics you want to cover.
  • Find the best experts for your video, making sure they have published credentials and are well-spoken about the topic.
  • Feature a diverse group of people. Remember, diversity can mean more than race and ethnicity, and can include geography, socio-economic, gender identity and ability status.
  • Use visuals and imagery to convey the tone you are going for. Use animations to highlight big numbers you want to stand out.